Sebastio Slalgado

The Documentary on Sebastiao Salgado shows a documentary photographer as truly a man of the earth.  His work and journey through photography seems to greatly reflect this.  His earlier career and in fact his first big project went in depth with the people of South America. Salgado intimately got to know the people farming, mining and working in all over south america.  He was there with them in their work and in their play.   He captured their toil and struggle their as well as the laughter and joy.

Later on he looked to the nature, animals and environment.   Struggling to capture pictures of some of the last large groups of walruses in the world.  Watching this man wait for hours for a polar bear to leave so that the walrus would return to shore to be photographed.  Then crawling and rolling on the ground in order to not alert the creatures of his presence.  In away he is toiling in the earth much like the people we photographed earlier in his life, however he is now documenting the natural world around as he is a part of it.



Viewing once bonce posterrings me into the mind set of how much music is a part of my life.  I am one of those people that is almost always listening to music.  I gre up in a house hold filled with music my father is a musician when he was not playing there was al
most always some form of music playing.  I have a long list of musical likes ranging from punk rock to folk to traditional Irish music and i really love seeing traditional music performed.  In class I enjoyed the bird songs,

I also have a spot for street musicians / buskers.  My father is one that has a passion for busking, he often takes his guitar to the down town where he lives and just sets up to play.  For him its not a money making venture but an enjoyment of playing and performing for others.

SO i guess in some ways I identify with this movie.  The overall feeling is that music can bring people together.  Words and sounds mix to create some thing greater than the sum of individual parts that speaks to us. Music can soothe the soul, make us cry or even rally us to war.  Music is used in celebration and morning.

It interests me that all cultures that I can think of have developed music, songs and instruments of their own. If there is one life blood connecting us all it must be music.  Why else would music be created all over the world.  Sure it may be regional, related to just a small tribe that pounds on one certain drum but there is a further link to humanity in that beat.

Cycle Day 14

I am still on the fence on how often i should shoot these images.  Many times through out the last week I have looked at the terrarium and thought maybe today is the day.  I held out for the full week to show the drastic changes overall. For this set i slightly changed the camera angle in order to show the level of decomposition in the Compost.  I found that shooting from the slightly above angle did not show the degree of change that actually happened.

To this point I still have added nothing to Growing only opening the top to allow for some fresh air in.  Compost was turned after the photo in order to not disturb the level of change.

Below are the 14 days collected together

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Tides: Moonlight Beach, Encinitas, Ca 20 September 2015 8 to 9am

Tides: Moonlight Beach, Encinitas, Ca 20 September 2015 8 to 9am

The Ocean is a powerful force, it can calm the soul, center the mind, cleanse the turmoil.  People listen to sounds of the ocean to calm them selves, others go to dip their toes and plant themselves back on the ground.  Waves  touch bare skin and pulll away stress, washing it out of us as though it was all we needed to be bathed in the earth its self.

I have always found this to be true.  I love barely 20 miles from the ocean and do not make it there nearly often enough.  I find the sounds nd the views simply recenter me in times of stress.  The knowledge of all enternity is encompassed in the rhythm of the tide.

So in order to keep up my own mental well being and centering I have decided to make a project out of it, exploring the value of going to the edge of land on a regular basis.  The plan is to make many photographs on each trip and display them in grid formats.  These images are not perfect, more so they are and idea.  They track the process of a meditative journey.  Some are tack sharp as the mind maybe others flow as thoughts come and go.

Cycle Day 7, Amazing Changes in the First Week

I have been monitoring the terrariums daily, watching for changes in the environments.  I tried to make some decisions on how i was going to forward with this, how often was i going to photograph them, in order to show change.  I decided weekly at the beginning of the project, but as i monitor daily I may adjust the schedule if something exciting happens and choose to photograph at a different time.

So the compost was significantly less volume in one week, and I already have some significant growth of the seeds.  I have not needed to water the plants at all the soil is still plenty moist as well as the compost.  This is very exciting and seems to be progressing nicely.

I realized in my last post I did not describe what was in the jars.

Compost Jar (from bottom up)- rocks, activated charcoal, organic moss, organic soil, orange peal (fresh and dried), egg shells, tea bags, coffee grounds, yard waste green and dried.

Growth Jar (from bottom up)- rocks, activated charcoal, moss, organic soil,  basil seeds, purple basil seeds, chive seeds

The first layer of rocks, activated charcoal, moss, provide for drainage and filtering of the water that is in the environment.

The only thing I have done to these since the beginning is to mix the compost before photographing.  After researching compost in order to achieve best results you should turn the pile.

Food Inc.

foodincI do not always trust documentaries even those that i agree with, “Food Inc.” however, brings up some good points in out system.  Why is it cheaper to feed a family at McDonalds than it is to make your own food.  I honestly do not understand why.  Granted it is affordable for me to feed myself from the grocery store one meal at a time.  but i can understand where it would get difficult feeding a family of 3 or 4 by doing this.

Why is it that food that is less processed, with fewer hands touching it more expensive than buying ground beef made up of 100 cows.  I do not know that I know the answers to this.  But our system of farming and growing has created this.  In all honesty I think our diets of animal is meeting its end of sustainability.  To me beed and pork seem like they should be occasional treats not staples or our diet, something we splurge for on rare occasions.  We are ignoring things that could be sustainable due to our thoughts of what food is.

The more I look into our farming the way we grow food the disparaging it becomes. The mass growing of crops like corn is ruining the once fertile lands of the Americas.  Corns ability to deplete the soil of nutrients is unrivaled yet we grow it with recless abandon.  And when the soil can no longer support life we dump toxic chemical compounds into to make it grow again.  Better would be to rotate crops alternating years, and rather than dumping toxic chemicals into the earth to provide higher yields we could begin to compost the kitchen and yard waist of america to make new fertile soil, rather than dumping it mixed with other garbage into a landfill,