Cycle Day 21

Cycles is moving forward nicely.  Things are continuing to progress as i had hoped they would.  My basil is growing like crazy, however I think I may have to open the growing jar in order to allow the plants to continue to grow.  Also i started doing some research (Probably should have done more prior to planting) and I am going to need to thin out the plants.  I plan to add this is as a secondary project to Cycles.

Cycles is starting to take on a bit of life of its own.  More and more am I thinking of other things to add into the project.  This started out as project that was intended to be confined to a constantly growing and a composting jar.  I thought that perhaps i would start adding new jars in as the compost became soil.  But now I am thinking that this project can live on a little more and grow a little more to be encompassing of more life and death cycles.

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