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Book Post Three Nearing the End

Nearing the end but running low on material.  As I write this sitting in Northern Washington, I wonder if I should venture to the locals and add a side adventure into the book.  I find the community up here is very similar to that of San Diego, the same friendly competition.

Project Proposal For Digital Arts: San Diego’s Craft Beer Community

I recently did a photoshoot with Iron Fist brewery where i visited them for part of a day and enjoyed some time with the makers of some of my favorite libations.  San Diego has a booming community of craft breweries, where noisy and jolly patrons visit the breweries to sample and try their products, of which many are exceptional in quality and flavor.

This local scene is something very near and dear to me.  The breweries here are fiercely independent maintaining a DIY (Do It Yourself) Attitude.  While still willing to work with one another in collaboration and camaraderie.  I also very much enjoy their wares.  I plan to visit some of our local craft beer makers, camera in hand.  Ideally i would like to go in like i did with the guys at Iron Fist with every one but these things can take a while to schedule, not that i wont attempt to do so.

Iron Fist Brewing

When handed the assignment of an environmental portrait, I really wanted to do something more out of of my box.  I did not want to just go out and find a friend to shoot.  However by the time the assignment was do I had not received permission to do this shoot yet.  I reached out to Iron Fist brewing one of my favorite purveyors of brewed beverages in the county.  Eve one of the owners responded and after a few exchanges of emails we scheduled a date and i was allowed in for a little behind the scenes visit with the staff.  Unfortunately the head brewer was not there but the assistants Mike, Chris, and Zack were as well as one of the owners Greg.

I arrived around 11 am the brewers where busy involved in a cleaning day cleaning out used kegs and sterilizing for reuse.  Leaving them to wait to be filled.  Around 1130 Greg arrived and curious to try some new brews they had been working on.  Greg was gracious enough to allow me to partake with them.  What an honor to be allowed to try some new experiments that were not yet released to the public.

Overall the guys were really accepting of me being in there space and willing to stop and pose during their day.  Overall I tried to stay out of their way and allowed their work day to continue.  The brewery was warm but dark inside, part of the heat was the hot water used to clean the kegs, part of it was the abnormally warms days we have been experiencing in San Diego.  The lighting was difficult, overhead fluorescent mixed with bright sunlight let in from large rolled up doors industrial doors.

Although I wish I had been there on a day they were brewing it was great to be involved in a part of the work that gets little recognition.  The following photos are part of the project, and not all i gathered mostly the guys and the tasting part of the day.  I hope to return on a brew day to capture some of those very important images of the creation process.