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Cycles: Further Decomposition, I forgot about these ones.


So I placed these in the compost bin a while ago, and the promptly forgot about them.  In some spots the image is mostly latent.  Nearly completely gone, the staining came out with very interesting patterns on the print.  I am happy with these as well just thought it came out well.

Cycles Day 70


The 10 week mark…Still stagnant, not a whole lot of change in either jar at this point, and if anything the plants are looking slightly weaker again.  I made the decision to leave them in the growing jar for another week for two reasons.  I am hoping that next week they will appear stronger again and in order to get a good layout on the grid part of the project.  I did not like the grid that came out this week.

Again these jars appear to be reflective of life for me.  Existing in some sort of strange holding pattern with minor movements forward, but no complete collapse at the same time.  No leaps and bounds of change.  Maybe the transplant see big change is what they need to move forward.  Or maybe it will be the death of them.

Cycles Day 35

Cycles is continuing to move along, though the growth rate has slowed some the basil is begging to peak out of the top of the jar I opened.  I believe our recent fluctuant weather in San Diego to be prt of the culprit, it has alternated between blazing hot and wet and chilly here over that last week.  Given that the plants are no longer existing completely in their little enviroment this is probably affecting them somewhat.

In the Compost Jar much of the items placed with in are barely recognizable any more.  I actually am thinking it may be getting close to time to attempt to plant in this jar, when opened the smell of soil is rich and vibrant, You can still smell the citrus peels that were placed in with the pile at the beginning but recognizing these things is difficult, some of the more dense yard waste is still recognizable and there are still a few bright green leaves.

I believe the transplants side project has given up, and this makes me a little sad. I did not want my little friends to die, but even with good thoughts, talking to them and plenty of sun and water they have not thrived.  I could not bring myself to photograph them today, but i plan on it in the near future, its just hard to photograph essentially a death mask.  I guess the failure of this part of the project speaks back to the original intent of the project though, not every cycle in life grows to its full potential, and at times some times things get in the way and end that arch of life.

This also brings me to wonder what am i to do with the growth jar, it seems that things are getting dense in there and there is more growth than i expected even though very few of the chives that were planted are visible.  But the shallow amount of soil in the jar, and the number of plants growing i know at some point if I want these plants to thrive im going to need to get them out of the jar. I would rather not pull them free of the soil like the few i attempted to move in the Transplant side project.  I believe my best option is to separate the soil pack into 1/4’s and attempt to remove them that way.