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Double Peaks Park

Spending an afternoon at Double Peaks Park in San Marcos California contained a lot of inspiration.  I wanted to really show some of the regrowth after the fires earlier this year.  Overall I found it difficult to tell that story.  However, I did find some inspiration in the light and some of the small details.

February ninth was not the greatest day for weather at the park.  It was one of the few days a year we had wind in San Diego and it was slightly on the cooler side.  The wind broke down the use of tripod, and there was a lot of haze flowing in over the land from the ocean.  For me sweeping landscapes of north county were in a way called off for the day.  Instead I decided that small details of the small are were something to pay closer attention to.  Also I looked into the people, going back to portraits one of my crutches but I enjoy portraits.  I also Decided to use the sunset itself to explore more abstraction in my photographic work.  Using long exposure and panning the camera while hand held i distorted the landscape, in this I tried to portray the brush fires of last year, a distant memory using light as the fire.

Joshua Tree National Park; golden hour

I have been working with light for a long time.  I have been comfortable working in many situations for a long time.  However sometimes I forget how amazing the “Golden Hour” can bee, it seems to make every thing fall into place, my golden hour photos however i did choose to go with black and white, I feel that the lighting speaks volumes in gray scale and also the images i was photographing wer of Joshua Tree National Park which overall color wise is fairly beige and I am of the belief that if color does not add to the image it does not need to be included.  The golden hour led to long deep shadows and a beautifully rendered sky. I am enamored with these images and hope every one enjoys them as much as I do.

I have actually learned a few things I had forgotten while shooting these images.  The golden hour is truly worth its weight in gold, it actually makes the image stronger to start with, you almost only need to worry about exposure and composition.  The long shadows and strong highlights make for very rich images.

Joshua Tree National Park also helps in creating images every time you turn around in the park there is a new image that only needs to be framed and exposed.  I actually think this is one of the most scenic parks in the United States and one that is severally over looked because it is a desert, which is truly fine with me, i would actually hate to have this wonderful place as over photographed as Yosemite or the Sequoias.  I find Joshua Trees also very photogenic are their own, and are not at all ugly though many seems to think so.