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Cycles: Further Decomposition, I forgot about these ones.


So I placed these in the compost bin a while ago, and the promptly forgot about them.  In some spots the image is mostly latent.  Nearly completely gone, the staining came out with very interesting patterns on the print.  I am happy with these as well just thought it came out well.

Revisiting Cycles: Composting the Prints

So when I was working on the cycles project I made some C-Type prints of all photos I took of the jars.  Cycles had always been a project I wanted to go on for a while and it led me to create a small home compost jar for my kitchen waste.  Inspired by Matthew Brandt I decided to add the prints to the pile.

I added the photos to the compost on March 1st and pulled them out of the compost on the 5th and was pleasantly surprised by the changes in only a few days.  Large swathes of red are now apparent on the print, oranges and yellows are streaked amongst  the previously high key greens and browns.  The white has been stained in a great umber color.

Overall I am very happy with these results and will do it with the remainder of the prints.  I am very curious to see what may happen as the the compost continues to break down will different chemical compounds reveal themselves and effect the print.  Also the compost is extremely moist right now and I am waiting to see what will happen as it dries out.


Cycles Day 63

Well with in growing the friends in the jar have improved over the last week.  I know the post is late, but I swear I have been taking the photos as scheduled.

So bringing them inside helped, I guess some times in life we all need a little shelter from the external elements that are affecting our well being.  I think the Compost Jar is at its end point there has been little to no change over the last couple weeks.

I think that the plan for me know is to call this particular project done next week.  I will do 2 final photographs next week and then start a new side project, (side project 1 is deceased as stated before, still figuring out how to photograph empty planters).  I will combine the contents of the jars into a new vessel, and I will probably start another larger project.  Not quite sure yet what cycles 2 will be but I have a few ideas

Cycles Side Project: The Transplant

After doing some further research on the Cycles project i realized that I needed to thin the plants in the jars so that they could thrive.  However over the last several weeks I have grow attached to my little plants and really do not want to just pull them up by their roots and throw them out.  So I decided to attempt to transplant them.

I already had the small metal vessels that i had previously not been able to grow herbs in, I was not nearly devoted as I am now to the growth.  So I took some of the same soil that is in the terrarium, I placed a few stones in the bottom of the planters to provide for drainage and filled them up.  I used chopsticks to try and gently remove the young plants from the jar and then I Planted them in their new homes.

Some of the small plants did not seem to do well and were fairly lifeless after ward I am concerned that i overly damaged them even though I was very careful in moving them.  I guess I will see how it goes over the next little bit.  I am going to have to thin the jar further eventually so If these little ones do not make it I will get another chance.

Cycles is becoming an expanding project and I am quite enjoying where it is taking me.  There are several side projects that are springing out of this one.  I soon plan to plant some tulip bulbs in a planter.  I once bought a live plant and then neglected it but I am curious to see if i could get this to spring back to life.