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Further Work in Cyanotype

I am working hard on these images.  I am a little disappointed that I am not getting the highlights to paper white. I have a feeling I have over coated the paper given that eh shadows seem to be well toned in a deep blue.

I am working with an approximately 1 min 30 sec solar exposure time.  This still seems brief to me but if i go farther everything ends up way to dark.  I have thought about increasing the density of my negatives but I am  feeling that I will start clipping the highlights.

Oh well new paper has been coated much thinner and we will see what happens.

Coffee Toned Cyanotypes: Attempt one

I decided to use the prints I was unhappy with to attempt toning some of my prints with coffee.  The process involves a bleaching step.  After researching the recommended agent was a 1% solution of sodium carbonate.  Well after being unable to locate sodium carbonate easily, I dug deeper and found you could use a solution of sodium bicarbonate so went that way.

The next step is a bath of well coffee.  Using instant coffee as recommended (is thought of using the leftovers of my morning french press but I was actually out of coffee.  I decided to go with what many people recommended instant coffee. the toning process seems to take a while, ~ 1 hour minimum in the toner bath according to my research.

So end results are as posted here.  The image I am most happy with completely fell apart and is shredded.  However one of these is somewhat successful, i was not happy with these images in the first place.  I am moving forward and made duplicates of the last set of cyanotypes I made and plan on working on the those, as I write this there are some toning.

ABC, not so easy as 1…2…3…

I Found the ABC’s project challenging not in the act of shooting or editing but in fact finding all the letters.  Particularly “N” I could not locate that bugger anywhere.  Anyway this project does force you to think a little differently and a little outside of the box, and forces you to crops the world into small areas in order to create things that we so commonly recognize.JHSlough, jerry-slough, ABC, letters-1