Silent Sentinels

Final Display

This project started as environmental commentary in my mind.  The integral idea of trees as life, giving oxygen, shape and structural support to important top soils.  I kept in mind the pieces produce on prints on recycled wood but as this project progressed the ideas changed.  This project progressed into a more personal piece, much more inner and self reflective.  I am using wood as a metaphor for strength and stability while the trees and leaves are representative of life and freedom.  Wood is used to build our homes, our furniture things we find comforting.  Why do we use wood for these things, its strong, it lasts the test of time, its stable.  Wood can be shaped into things we want, combined built, its flexible and changing. However, wood can be harmed, marred, chipped, and burned.  Even after this though the would may still be strong and stable it takes a great amount of force to destroy.

The trees are similar, long lived ever growing changing with the seasons.  The produce the also provide shelter and homes for animals and birds.  The ever reaching branches are free to grow and reach for the sky.  The tree can also be harmed but for the most part is resilient.  Even though the tree is stuck in one place it forever pushes skyward.

The images are dark, in a representation of me.  Moving through very dark times in my life.  I feel the picture represents a person, the strength we have, the ever changing ability of adaptation to new struggles in out lives.  There is a reason we choose to build our home of trees and planks of wood.  Our furniture lovingly shaped and carved out of its grain.  These things are comforting, and stable and will always be there to hold a roof over our head or give a place for us to sit.  Though these picture are dark and moody representing my innermost hurt, my pain and my struggles with the dark.  I know I am this strong and can be strong for the people I love.  I can maintain I will always make it and come back even through hard blows.

The below are the so far culmination of this project.  Overall I feel this is my series piece for this semester and will in some ways be related to the final project.  My next step is a few more smaller images as well as doing some larger pieces as well.

A work in progress

Above the two on the right were done using glossy paper. A factor not mentioned in any tutorials. This presented with some problems, and though the photos that stayed on the wood was clearer and more detail, I feel that the matte finished paper came out much better.

Above is a print being prepped for wood stain the other is a print drying during the transfer process.

Some Photographic Inspiration for this project from other artists.

From Sally Mann Battlefields
From Sally Mann Battlfields
From Sally Mann Battlfields

Sally Mann – Battle Fields

From Blot Out the Sun Doug and Mike Starn
From Blot Out the Sun Doug and Mike Starn

Doug and Mike Starn – Blot out The Sun

The Images of Doug and Mike Starn are very similar, it is very strange because i truly have never seen their work before this project.

How To Transfer Prints To Wood_ An Awesome Photography DIY Project – Digital Photography School

Video Tutorial of how to transfer prints to wood

Below are the written notes and mind map in gallery form for the Wood Project


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